HAVN; The harbour. Where ships and their passengers find shelter or the port where goods are being distributed. A place that instantly awakens wanderlust. Certainly by boarding one of the ships but also by exploring the merchant houses with goods from around the world.

The Story

It started with a Gin that told the story of traveling around the world. This gin took people to far away places and allowed them to taste the different flavors of foreign destinations. This was only the beginning. HAVN shall now become the curator for beautifully designed products of all kinds.but also by exploring the merchant houses with goods from around the world.

HAVN is not making products.
The product is HAVN

A lifestyle that people can identify and fall in love with. Just like the harbour HAVN gives people shelter, for example to do some remote work or simply enjoy a good coffee (fair trade, roasted for HAVN). Or like the port HAVN offers selected goods to its visitors (physical and online). Products that can come from the brand network, products that can be collaborations or OEM production on HAVN’s behalf.

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The pillars

The following core elements should always stand on top of all activities. HAVN stands for contemporary designs of crafted quality yet made in a scaleable way that does not harm the environment.

Contemporary Designs

Crafted Quality

Sustainbly Scaleable

What's in it for the mothership?

BuzziSpace struggles to get access to the residential and hospitality world. Beautiful products get discontinued because they simply get no exposure to the right audience. HAVN can change that, because the brand aims to target the audience BuzziSpace has not enough access to. And more: HAVN is able to go the direct way: D2C!
BuzziSpace and BuzziManufacture should be the first source for production of furniture collections. Same goes for Supergrid or other future daughters of the group. If there will be a home collection for Supergrid, HAVN should be the first channel to sell it and to offer it to other retailers as distibuting agency.

HAVN Essentials

Products that companion the lifestyle of our audience. The essentials ranges from furniture and living accessoires to travel goods, delicatesses or even artworks. All can be bought at havn.com, directly at retail prices. Of course we also sell 3rd party products here if they meet our creteria.

HAVN Experience

As mentioned before, the brand is our main product. Therefore it is part of the strategy to have physical location(s) where people can experience the brand, see, try and taste everything HAVN stands for. The good news is: There is a place called HAVN church where we could start the fun.

HAVN scaled

To achieve faster growth HAVN needs to be attractive for retailers too. The product portfolio should be designed to (also) fit the requirements and trends of whole sale platforms such as Faire or Ankorstore. Accessories and smaller goods are focussed there at the moment but it’s probably a question of time.